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Hard Metal Watch Case and Bracelets
Almost half century have passed since hard metal watch cases were developed and introduced into the watch market in 1960's. Namiki's hard substance polishing technology has insured that the beautiful metallic brilliance of hard metal watch cases and bracelets will be retained in its spectacular, scratch-proof state year after year.
Namiki's Scratch-proof Hard Metal Watch Case
Recently, fashion has dictated that hard metal watch cases and bracelets become elegantly thinner and incorporate cylindrical curved surfaces. Namiki has applied its exclusive polishing technology to the finest hard metal materials-alloys of pulverized transition metal carbide treated to be almost as dense, solid and rigid as a diamond-to create truly exceptional watch cases and bracelets. Every facet of every case is finished to a glittering, mirror-like brilliance and cherished for its superior craftsmanship.
 Scatch-proof hard metal cases and braceles
WC : Tungsten carbide
TiC : Titanium carbide
Zr02 : Zirconium oxide Coating technology
 Ion plating
gold color , amber colorblue color , black color

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