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Diamond Micro Drilling

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Diamond Micro Drilling
Applying diamond technology developed in stylus production and other areas, Namiki has developed a revolutionary new diamond micro-drill. The drill provides minimum bore diameter machining, perfectly suited to the current era of micro-machining.
  Distinguishing Features
Bore diameters as small as 0.1mm(100μm)can be attained when machining with the Namiki diamond micro-drill.
Conventional machine tools can be employed with the micro-drill. Thus, higher speed, higher precision and lower cost can be obtained than by etching, electric discharge machining, or ultrasound machining.
Work can be performed on a wide variety of materials, including ruby, sapphire, glass and ceramics.
Since the diamond micro-drill produces exceedingly little friction, multiple-unit, continuous drill machining can be accomplished with limited dispersion of the work material.
Machining bore diameter 0.1mm and greater
Center positioning accuracy ±3μm (φ0.2)
Dispersion from bore diameter no more than 1μm (at the 100 item point in a continuous drill machining process)
Bore depth no more than 6 mm
Diamond Micro Drilling
Diamond Micro Drilling
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