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Vibration mode is an essential function on modern mobile phones. The function is provided by a tiny vibration motor, which was developed for mobile phones by none other than Namiki. Back in 1983, Namiki had already established a solid reputation in the field of micro-coreless motors, including what was then the world's smallest micro-coreless motor at just 10 mm in diameter.
Then one day, Motorola requested samples of our motors without revealing the purpose. Next, Motorola wanted to know if we could attach a counterweight to the motor shaft, which clearly illustrated their intentions: to develop vibration components for mobile communication equipment.
So we then launched our own research and development program on vibration components. Sales of vibration components have soared dramatically, fuelled by the ongoing information technology revolution, and vibration motors are now a flagship product for Namiki. Namiki is a pioneer of vibration motors, and our 20 years of expertise in this field attracted strong demand for our products from mobile equipment manufacturers throughout the world. But we are complacent to developing new products and raising quality levels for the future applications.
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