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Auality Assurance
Striving for World-Class Perfect Quality for the 21st century
Introduction -品質へのこだわり-
At Namiki we insist on absolute quality and accept no compromise.
Namiki has adopted the slogan entitled "PQ21", aiming to achieve World-Class Perfect Quality for the 21st Century and has been striving for perfect quality which surpasses the industry standard such as that used in the Medical, Communication and semiconductor industries, by targeting "the-best-in-the-world, Perfect Quality".
QMS/EMS -ISO9001,ISO14001の認証-
ISO9001 accreditation; the international standard for quality management systems, has been awarded to Namiki's head office in Tokyo and to its domestic production facilities at Aomori and Akita, as well as to its overseas production bases at Thailand and Shanghai. In addition, ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management systems has been awarded to the Tokyo head office and production facilities at Aomori, Akita and Thailand.
ISO Certification

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