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The Namiki Way

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Concept -コンセプト-

Since his earliest days, man has started using tools to further his development. His natural curiosity about tools and the uses to which they could be put led to tremendous increases in productivity, making life richer and more enjoyable for all.

The Namiki Precision Jewel Group was founded in1939 as a manufacturer of jewel bearings for household water meters and aircraft instrumentation, then the Company moved into vinyl record styluses and watch parts. Today, Namiki produces mobile phone vibration motors, medical equipment, semiconductor substrates and optical communication components.
In this way, Namiki has continued to supply products that revolutionize our lives and make them richer.

From its origins in industrial jewel processing, Namiki has consistently taken a technological view of global developments and proactively innovated cutting edge technology with leading international manufacturers.
Building on its unparalleled store of high-precision engineering skills in the key fields of cutting, grinding and polishing, Namiki is making its contribution to improving our quality of life.







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