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Research & Development

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Research & Development
Research and Development
  Ever since that day in 1939 when Namiki first began operations as a small factory, the need to create world-leading technology has been the catalyst for our extensive research and development program.
It has also been the main driving force behind the ongoing diversification of our product line.
Time after time Namiki enters global markets as a leader.
From the initial production of external components for high-end watches and record styluses, Namiki moved into precision products such as magnetic tape heads, coreless motors and optical communication components.
Today, we continue to expand and diversify production, using our unique gem processing technology to drive innovation in other high-tech fields. Through the development of unique materials and processing technology, Namiki has expanded from its origins as a manufacturer of parts to also devices and our next aim is to progress into micro-systems.
Core Technology Advanced Technology Original Raw Materials
Namiki has contributed to the R&D history in this field.

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