History -ヒストリー-
1939 Namiki Seisakusho founded in Kamiyacho, Kita-ku, Tokyo. Started production of synthetic sapphire jewel bearings for electrical measuring instruments
1940 Company moves to larger production facility at Shinden Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
During early 1940’s the Factory is placed under government control, and used primarily to manufacture jewel bearings for aviation instruments and marine radio equipments.
1946 Namiki resumed manufacturing jewel bearings for electrical measuring instruments
1949 Started production of watch jewel bearings and sapphire phonograph stylus.
1953 Namiki Seisakusho is renamed Namiki Precision Jewel Co. Ltd
1957 Adamant Shoji Co., Ltd. is founded; watch jewel division split up and partly transferred to Adamant Shoji Co. Ltd.
1959 Adamand Shoji Co.,Ltd. is renamed Adamant Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
1961 Started production of synthetic ruby balls.
1962 Developed technology for bonding diamond tips onto metal; Started production of bonded diamond stylus components.
1966 Developed crystal glasses for watches.
1967 Opened Akita Yuzawa Factory.
1968 Started production of magnetic tape heads for tape recorders.
1969 Started production of super-hard metal watch cases.
1970 Started production of synthetic sapphire watch crystal.
1971 Developed and introducted diamond stylus for four-channel records jointly with JVC.
Started production of rare-earth magnet by selective laser sintering developed.
1973 Developed the world's smallest coreless motor with diameter of 10mm.
1976 Mass production of coreless motors.
1977 Developed tempered glass for watches panes; production.
1978 Exhibition in Chicago
1980 Started production of floppy heads.
1982 Opened Aomori Kuroishi Factory.
1983 Established NJC Technological Research Institute to integrate company’s R & D forces.
1985 Started production of vibration motors for mobile phones.
1986 Started production of medical equipments.

Started production of hybrid IC's ; Developed garnet crystal.

1991 Opened Namiki America (business division) in New Jersey, USA.
  Set up N&A (International) Ltd (business division) in London, UK.
Established manufacturing technology of the synthetic single crystal sapphire.
1992 Started production of optical isolators.
1993 Opened Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (production division) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
1994 Aomori Kuroishi Factory awarded ISO9002 accreditation.
1995 Production of the ceramic watch parts.
Tokyo Headquarters awarded ISO9001 accreditation.
1996 Opened production of lensed fibers for optical communication.
  Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. awarded ISO9001 accreditation; Akita Factory awarded ISO9002 accreditation.
Namiki Precision of Singapore PTE Ltd.(business division) established.
1999 Opened Namiki Precision of California,Inc.(business and R&D division) in California Inc. USA.
Started production of vibration speaker.
2000 Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. awarded ISO14001 accreditation.
Started production of sappire wafers.
2001 Tokyo Headquarters awarded ISO14001 accreditation; Akita Factory awarded ISO14001 accreditation.
2002 Aomori Kuroishi Factory awarded ISO14001 accreditation.
ISO9001 accreditation (integration of four domestic business divisions)
2003 Transition to ISO9001 : 2000
2004 Developed the world's smallest Metallic Glass micro-geared motor with diameter of 1.5mm. (Later, Namiki win the 2006 Prime Minister's Prize.  ⇒ more info)
Opened production of vibration motors for mobile phones.
Namiki Precision (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (production division) begins its operation in Shanghai, China.
2005 Developed step wafers with a height of each step being 0.22 nanometers.
Started production of the ceramic watche parts.
Namiki Presicion (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. awarded ISO9001 accreditation.
2006 Developed the world's longest diamond needles.
2007 Established precise micro-machining technology with femtosecond laser.
2008 Established the gallium nitride, GaN, polishing technology.
2009 Developed the world's smallest Metallic Glass micro-geared motor with diameter of 0.9mm.
Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. awarded ISO13485 accreditation.
2010 Opened Namiki Precision of Europe SA (business and R&D division)in Lausanne,Switzerland.

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