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Message from the President

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Message from the President

Since the founding of our company, the event that led Namiki to the biggest turning point in its 70 years of history is when Shoji Namiki, Chairman & CEO, witnessed the revolution of the industrial structure in the US market during his stay in New York. In the 1970s, Japanese manufacturers had taken over the lead of their American counterparts in the Watch and Audio industries due to their superior technologies. The United States, however, had already prepared for the next generation of industries like computers, semiconductors, communication and biotechnology by laying the foundation for the 1990s and beyond. Seeing this structural revolution and their rise and fall of companies with his own eyes, Namiki came to believe that "only the company that can think ahead of the future, and take world-class actions with an international perspective can survive." Foreseeing the future through a global viewpoint, Namiki has covered its business structure and adjusted to meet worldwide industrial systemic change brought about by the IT revolution.
President :
Yoichi Yaguchi
Furthermore, Namiki has evolved its core technology of "Cutting, Grinding and Polishing" to the nano level. Combining this with state of the art technology, Namiki has provided DC motors, Diaphragm pumps, Vibration motors, Optical Isolators, and Sapphire substrates to the communication, semiconductor, and medical equipment markets. Now, the world is again in transition. As global demand for safety, convenience, and concern for the environment increases, Namiki's goal is to lead the technical innovations which not only satisfy these demands but also challenge the cutting edge technology as a key provider of this movement.

By gaining respect, helping our society realize their bright futures, contributing to growth and development, understanding the world standards, and shaping the future, Namiki will strive for the "Only One Company".

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